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Sick pet? When to see the Vet

You think your pet is sick-When to schedule an appointment

This is only a general guide. If you think there is a problem... there probably is.

Please call us at 619-282-7677 - We're here to help!

*Not eating for 24 hours or more for adult animals, or 6 hours or more for kittens/puppies

*Vomiting more than 4 times in an hour, or any vomiting extending over 24 hours or more, or if there is any instance of bloody vomitus

*Diarrhea lasting 24 hours or more or any instance of bloody diarrhea

*Sneezing more than 10 times in an hour or any sneezing lasting 24 hours or more

*Coughing more than 10 times in an hour or any coughing lasting 24 hours or more

*Difficulty breathing

*Lethargic, not moving, or unresponsive

*Any lameness that lasts for more than 2 hours

*Any skin wound that does not stop bleeding in one minute. Any skin wound that is ¼ inch or more

*Any sign of eye discomfort (squinting, increased tears, pawing at eye(s)) lasting for 15 minutes or more or any known eye(s) injury

*Excessive scratching, licking or chewing of hair/coat, hair loss, scabs, irritated skin

*Shaking head or scratching at ears lasting 1 hour or more, or recurrent over 24 hours or more

*Difficulty urinating or defecating

*Difficult pregnancy

*Anytime YOU think there is a problem

Office Hours


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Client Testimonial

We love our clients! They are the best!!!!

  • "Just a short and simple "Thank you" for all your help with Pepper. My son and I are very grateful for the care that you provided for so many years. Thank you for being there and all your support. God bless you for the wonderful work you do." ..and.."We want to thank you for taking such good care of Lucky."
  • "Consistently superior performance by a dedicated and caring staff!!! We have been bringing fury companions here for 13 years"
    David Smith
  • "Thank you for always taking good care of Sophie. I always know she is in good hands and Will get the best care possible. Thank you Katie, Jacqueline,mTravis, Cynthia and Dr. P."
    Anne Mayes

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